Regenexx SD Reviews: Regenexx-SD Helps an Unlikely Candidate

Regenexx SD Reviews

MW was told he was a “poor candidate”for a Regenexx-SD procedure on his knee.  But knowing he wanted to avoid a knee replacement, he decided to go for it anyway.  I am very thankful things worked out so well for MW, but not all “poor candidates” for Regenexx -SD knee procedures can expect the same result.

MW is a 57 year old white male first seen by our clinic in July of 2010. He had severe arthritis in the medial (inside) compartment and an ACL deficient knee (ACL stabilizing ligament was gone). After an evaluation in the office, he was told he was a poor candidate for our same day stem cell injection based procedure for his knee. Despite being a poor candidate, he didn’t want a knee replacement, so he chose to proceed knowing that a positive outcome was doubtful. He underwent two Regenexx-SD procedures, where a bone marrow aspirate was taken from the back of his hip using imaging guidance, the stem cells concentrated in our level III lab, mixed with our proprietary “super platelet’ mix derived from his blood, and then re-injected under imaging guidance. We recieved this e-mail from the patient just this last week:

“It is now 11 weeks since my second sd treatment and I am pain free in my knee. I walk 6-7 miles playing golf, carrying my clubs, four time each week. This has been an amazing recovery. Thanks.”

So what happened? Did we grow MW a new knee? No, based on the basic science research, it’s likely the stem cells have helped to improve the overall health of cartilage and meniscus in the knee, perhaps added better blood supply to certain areas, and modulated the chronic inflammation. We also looked at many other aspects of why his knee may be painful. The end result is that MW’s severe knee arthritis surprised us with a great response to treatment. As I have discussed in the past, we grade patients for our knee stem cell injection procedure more severely, often placing them in the poor candidacy category for our procedure if there’s any doubt.

UPDATE: We have since reworked Regenexx Candidacy as our ongoing research has shown that age, weight, having arthritis in multiple joints or severity of arthritis does not affect Regenexx SD outcome

NOTE: Any case reports or patient results presented on this web-site are not indicative of all patient results. Like any medical procedure, Regenexx- SD knee procedures have a success and failure rate.

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78 clinic locations offering non-surgical Regenexx solutions for musculoskeletal pain.
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