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How to Read Your Own Hip MRI Video!

An empowered patient gets better quicker-that’s what I’ve observed over the years. One of the biggest medical “black holes” for patients is their MRI. They have a report that might as well be written in Greek and they have an MRI CD whose images look like a cross between their body and the surface of…
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Why Your Shoulder MRI Results May Not Be Important…

As I’ve blogged before, patients and physicians often view MRI results like a report from an Oracle, in that they believe it will elucidate all of life’s mysteries. However, the scientific reality is that MRIs are pretty horrible at diagnosing the cause of pain. Now a new study shows, not surprisingly, that shoulder MRI results…
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A “Fly Through” Of a Knee MRI: The Amazingly Complex Knee!

This week I sat down to review a patient’s knee MRI. The MRI itself was unusual as there were many more slices through the knee in all three planes (Side, Front, and Top Down). In fact, the MRI was in 1 mm slices, far thinner cuts than 99% of the studies I see. The image…
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Read Your Own Knee MRI-Meniscus Tear

Do you have a meniscus tear?  Read Your Own Knee MRI-Meniscus Tear is another in our series on how to get a head start on reading your own knee MRI.  Enjoy!

Read Your Knee MRI: Focus on ACL and PCL

When I completed the first 30,000 foot view version of Read Your Knee MRI, I realized that patients needed more information on what was normal and abnormal. A a result, I decided to produce a series of videos, each focusing on one topic. This video is the first of that series, focusing on the structures that…
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Read Your Own Knee MRI for Patients

As a patient, is it possible to read your own knee MRI? A few days ago a friend with a knee injury had an MRI done. I didn’t get a chance to read it right away so he jumped onto the Internet to find out how to make sense of the slices. He ultimately found…
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Knee Bone Marrow Lesions: Do You Have BMLs on Your Knee MRI?

This morning I have some interesting MRIs from a patient who was treated down at Regenexx Cayman with the Regenexx-C procedure. They nicely show the concept of  Knee Bone Marrow Lesions or BML. What is a Bone Marrow Lesion? No single knee MRI finding over the past 5 years has been associated with pain more…
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MRI Follow-up of an ACL Tear Treated with Stem Cells

The question of an ACL tear treated with stem cells…. Can your torn knee ACL ligament be treated with an injection of stem cells and thus help you avoid surgery? Above you’ll find the knee MRI of a patient who had a complete non-retracted ACL tear who Dr. Hanson first treated with a stem cell injection about…
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