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Read a Low Back MRI Report in 2 Minutes

One of the things patients ask about is their low back MRI report. There’s considerable anxiety about what the terms mean, and I know, like many physicians, that patients are plugging the terms into their Internet browsers, which I’m sure then only generates more anxiety! So I took the infographic I did a few days…
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How to Read a Low Back MRI Report : What Type of Disc Problem Do You Have?

I find that one of the most confusing things for patients learning how to read a low back MRI report is understanding that there are different types of disc problems that each require a different therapeutic approach. So without understanding their type of disc issue, there is no way to understand which of the newer…
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What’s a Normal vs. Abnormal Shoulder MRI?

On this page: Parts of the shoulder Focus on the impression Learn how to read your MRI Patients often get a shiny new shoulder MRI CD and pop it into their computer before they have the report from the radiologist. For those situations, I have a video on how to read a shoulder MRI, provided…
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What’s Hiding on Your Hip Arthritis MRI?

Is there a secret hiding in your hip arthritis MRI that you should know about but your doctor likely missed? I’ve observed for years that many patients with hip arthritis have problems in their low back nerves and many don’t know about it because all they feel is pain in their hip. There’s also a…
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MRI Nerve Injections Review: “Never use a cannon to kill a fly”

Many times, as I’ve blogged before, the tail wags the dog in medicine in many ways. One way that occurs is the “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” doctrine. This morning, I’d like to show just how far some doctors take this, by introducing you to my $50,000 MRI…
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What’s on Your Hip MRI That Was Missed?

At Regenexx we pride ourselves in Concierge Procedural Medicine. What does that mean? In a world where patients get to spend less and less time with the doctor and more things get missed, our focus is to give patients more time and attention. Let me explain how the hip MRI above is a great example…
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Shoulder Rotator Cuff MRI and IL-8: Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus?

The concept that structural changes like a rotator cuff tear seen on MRI are causing pain is so ingrained into modern medical thought that doctors and patients alike believe this like a 5 year old believes in Santa Claus. Like the latter, however, the validity of the concept is highly questionable. Take for example a new shoulder…
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What is a Disc High Intensity Zone on MRI?

You have low back pain and get an MRI performed and on the report it says you have a “high intensity zone” in one of your low back discs. What does a high intensity zone on MRI mean? Is it a big deal and is it causing your pain? The low back discs have an…
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