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When OCD doesn’t mean Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is a medical abbreviation for osteo-chondral defect.  It literally means “bone-cartilage” defect.  The term has come to mean a “hole” in the cartilage, mostly found at the end of the femur bone in the knee.   The term can be confusing, as the OCD abbreviation is also used for “Osteochondritis Dessecans”, which is where…
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Cartilage is “Alive”…

I’ve been spending time catching up on imaging analysis of our >12 month research patient follow-ups (mostly 1-2 years out from their procedure), so expect to see more posted here this next few days-weeks. The cartilage in the knee is interesting stuff.  It’s made of cells that were once thought to be just inert material…
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Making Cartilage Better on MRI

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) are a precursor to chondrocytes.  This means that they can change into cartilage cells.  The research on cartilage repair using MSC’s has exploded in recent years.  A National Library of Medicine search this morning reveals over 1,000 research papers on the topic. While you may be surprised, when it comes to…
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Stem Cells and Disc Repair

A Japanese researcher named Sakai, captured my interest in Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s). He published a work in 2003 that I picked up on in the summer of 2005.  I was hooked.  In this study he created a degenerated disc by using a “stab model”, meaning he stuck a really big needle into the disc…
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Multiple Sclerosis and Stem Cells

A doctor discusses multiple sclerosis and stem cells.

Stem Cells and Cancer-Buyer Beware

Interesting study in the PLOS Medicine this am on an Israeli boy who has a benign brain tumor from donor derived fetal stem cells.  For a less technical version of the story, see yahoo news.  I have been asked by many people via e-mail if we would consider treating any number of horrible diseases.  Since we…
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Platelet Rich Plasma and the Steelers

Nice piece this morning on PRP in the NYT.  PRP means platelet rich plasma.  Platelets are smaller than red blood cells and involved in clotting our blood and helping to heal injuries.  Our blood platelets house a significant mix of growth factors including PDGF, IGF, FGF, TGF-beta, and VEGF.  These growth factors, when concentrated in a bedside…
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Stem Cells Cure Man’s HIV

If you haven’t seen this story, it’s an amazing triumph for adult stem cell therapy and HIV. However, one man’s gain is another man’s loss. What should be read between the lines is that the genes of the donor stem cells (the ones that were able to take out HIV by crippling the CCR5 receptor)…
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