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Knee ACL Surgery Alternative: Regenexx-ACL Procedure Gets Great Winter Sports Write-up

We continue to be amazed as physicians by the before and after MRIs we see every day as a result of the knee ACL surgery alternative used by our practice every day: The Regenexx-ACL procedure. This exacting image guided procedure was just written up in a Vermont Winter Sports Paper, just in time for all…
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4 year Follow-up on a Patient with Severe Knee Arthritis Treated with Stem Cells

We’ve been treating knee arthritis with stem cells for a long time with different knee arthritis stem cell injections. When other clinics that have popped up in the last year or two didn’t know what the word stem cell meant, we were diligently treating patients with our Regenexx-C and Regenexx-SD stem cell procedures in a clinical trial. While we’ve published…
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Orthopedics 2.0-Managing Knee Instability Before Stem cells

Is it possible to help a severely arthritic knee with just a knee acl tear surgery alternative? Our philosophy is always to look at all aspects of what’s wrong with a knee. If you’ve read our practice’s e-book, Orthopedics 2.0, you know that we’re big believers in fixing instability before putting stem cells in a knee. This instability may…
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How’s Your ACL? You may not know if it’s bad…

I’ve discussed before that we frequently see patients with loose knee ACL ligaments who don’t know they have an issue. This is often because the ACL isn’t damaged enough to warrant a full surgical replacement of the ligament, so the ligament is deemed fine. However, is it really OK to have a chronically loose ACL ligament?…
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